Epic Estates is a land banking company with 15,000 plus acres of transitional land across the US.

Epic Estates specializes in acquiring transitional, high growth potential properties and makes them income-generating, self-sustainable, and unlocks value to the maximum potential.

Epic Estates has land bank in the major cities of Texas, Florida, Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Georgia, and Arkansas. Our goal is to build a legacy of excellence in land banking.

The best investment on Earth is Earth
- Louis Glickman

Our vision as a land banking company is to contribute to the financial independence of our partners through strategic land acquisitions and development.


Our mission is to educate investor community about an under leveraged asset class - Land Banking.


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Warehouses are the future Commercial

Technological advancements are taking place at a rapid pace. With the evolution of IoT, Robotics, Self-Driving Cars, and Drone Delivery, we will see end-to-end automation from online shopping through last mile delivery. As these technologies mature, we will soon see pizza baked in a warehouse and delivered through a drone or a self-driving car. Groceries will be delivered to everyone’s doorstep, not from retail stores, but from warehouses. As technology evolves, we believe the demand for warehouses will increase while the demand for retail space will decrease.

Epic Estates is well-positioned to act on this opportunity. We have acquired 1,500 acres of prime land near major highway junctions that can be rezoned for industrial use to build warehouses.

Relentless focus on creating value

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Epic Estates was co-founded by two IT executives passionate about land banking. The founders started with small land parcels in the Dallas suburbs and gradually expanded to the rest of the country, acquiring more than 10,000 acres across Colorado, Texas, Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Georgia.

Epic Estates Management is relentless in creating value. Once the property is identified, we perform thorough due diligence on easements, ALTA survey, title commitment review, meeting with city/county officials on annexing into the city, and potential rezoning opportunities. Water and mineral rights are also reviewed by specialized attorneys before closing on the property.

After acquiring the property, the value unlocking process starts. The team will explore partial sale, or the possibility of generating income through agricultural leases. If the property is ready to develop, we will hire an engineering company to plat the property, get the plat approved with the county, and eventually develop the property. The primary goal is to generate enough cash flow for the property to pay for itself, so our partners are ready for the next investment. We keep acquiring properties creating wealth for our partners. This is the power of compounding!

The sum of the parts is greater than the total - this has always been true for Epic Estates as we generate huge returns for our partners.

There are many ways people pursue real estate investing; one of the most overlooked and underused strategies is buying land and holding to create wealth in long term. Owning land is very little maintenance and if you buy the land the way we do, no mortgage payments.

Land Banking

Land banking is a real estate investment strategy in which investors purchase large parcels of undeveloped land intending to hold it for the long term and then sell at a profit or work with the county to rezone the property for future development.

Location, location, location. If the location has been wisely chosen, land banking can be very profitable. We can hold the land parcel for the long term while the property appreciates in value and generates income to pay for financing and in some cases, land parcels may generate positive cash flow. Once the land is developed and sold, profitability could be substantial. Income-generating, self-sustainable, and transitional land is the best form of investment.

No one can destroy or steal your land, which is why it is an excellent investment choice. Owning land also requires minimal effort on your part, and you do not need to maintain the land, renovate it, or protect it, as you would have to do with a physical asset like a house.

Land banking has little maintenance costs. The land parcel can be ag-exempt and pay very little property taxes and insurance. The land parcel can be leased to Agriculture/Cattle, and income generated thru leasing is more than sufficient to pay bills.

If you are looking to make a quick profit, you should probably buy stocks instead of land. Owning land is a long-term investment. Most investors don’t pay much attention to this opportunity because they don’t have patience. People want their money now; they don’t want to wait for a decade to realize their gains.

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